Friday, January 25, 2008

World Class Extreme Wrestling 2/1/08 in Wadesboro, NC

World Class Extreme Wrestling Presents
HMOC Building In Wadesboro, NC
1134 E Caswell Street, Beyond McDonalds and Pizza Hut off HWY 74

Friday Night Tickets 3 Dollars
Saturday Night Tickets 6 Dollars

Two action packed nights, full of the WCEW stars you know, and some, you will soon know.

WCEW is kicking off the 2008 year, with two nights that are sure to leave everyone coming back for MORE!

Friday February 1st, 2008

WCEW Tag Team Champions "Kings of the Carolinas" KC McKnight and Corey Edsel
w/Stuttsy make their first tag team title defense. What team will step up and take on the ultimate duo who have left shockwaves over the Carolinas with their amazing wrestling skills? Can Corey and KC be as successful as a tag team as they are in single competition? Can Dangerous E juggle the Tag Titles and the WCEW Title?

Falls Count Anywhere
Bad Religions' Aaron "The Messiah" Devil© vs Dick Foley
Last WCEW show, Tommy Vandal and Dick Foley were going after the vacant Extreme Title, in an Extreme Present Match. After 3 of the 4 presents were used, and proven not to be the title, a Santa Claus walking around the ring, hit the ring, and laid waste to both Tommy and Dick. After he climbed the ladder, and grabbed the last present and the belt, he took off the beard, hair, and glasses to show the world, Aaron Devil. His followers, Scrapyard Dog, Kid Evil, and DZ Hyde hit the ring, and Bad Religion destroyed Tommy Vandal and Dick Foley, until the locker room emptied. The Commissioner declared Devil as the new Extreme Champion, and thus, Dick wants his rightful shot at becoming the WCEW Extreme Champion!

Money Clip Open Challenge
Esquire has issued an open challenge, for anyone who can take on the returning 400 pound monster, Money Clip's DILLINGER!

OTHER SUPERSTARS TO APPEAR: Tommy Vandal, New Class Champion Hangtime, Tracy Gilbert, Wildthing Tommy Ace, Kid Evil, DZ Hyde, Shaq Knox, Jay Prep Esquire, Steven B Esquire III, Steven Dillinger, Cowboy Cletus, and The Bravado Brothers.

Saturday February 2nd, 2008

Bobby Wohlfert Makes His WCEW Debut

Fans Dream Match & Special Stipulation
Fans, send in your request to, for a dream match and for a special stipulation. The stipulation will not be in the dream match, and the list of superstars you can pick from are as follows: Dillinger, Aaron Devil, Shaq Knox, Tracy Gilbert, Tommy Vandal, KC McKnight, Hangtime, Kid Evil, Cowboy Cletus, DZ Hyde.

Commissioner Blasdel Brings In A CWE Tag Team to WCEW

For Advance Tickets, E-Mail Ringside Is Going Fast, Reserve Your Seats Now!


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