Wednesday, January 30, 2008

V.O.W card for 2/2/08-SAW Arena-Millersville, TN

Scheduled to Return:

V.O.W.'s #1 talent acquisition, "The Panther" Tyrone Evans

1/2 of The Insurgency, and self appointed punisher of all infidels... Omar Akbar

The ultra-talented, aerial, artistry of Brandon Kaplan New York! Mr. BKNY

And Set to Debut:

S.A.W.'s, struttin' superstar!! T.J. Harley

'Cause they're Naughty by Nature, not cause they hate cha! They are... Poker Face & Rude

The Totally Awesome! tag team duo of: Kamikaze Kid & El Sucio

Champion of children everywhere, and all around good guy; he's Wild, he's Crazy, he is... Richard Cranium

Credit: Anthony Jude Cervantes @ Mid-Southern Wrestling Message Board

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