Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Florida Championship Wrestling 1/26

Florida Championship Wrestling runs in Port Richey, FL, on January 26, with the following lineup: A royal rumble featuring Sinn Bowdee, Johnny Curtis, Bryan Kelly, Eric Perez, Rycklon, G’Rilla, Giant Titan, Jake Hagar, Kevin Kiley, Mighty Mikey, Hade Vansen, Tommy Taylor, Chris Gray, Brandon Groom, Mr. Yamamoto David Olivieri and “Roughhouse” Ralph Mosca. Two men start and every minute a new man enters the ring. The last man standing will receive a shot at the Florida Heavyweight Champion. Also on the card is a strap match featuring Afa versus T.J. Wilson; a title match between Southern Heavyweight Champion Heath Miller (with Ted DiBiase, Jr.) and Steve Lewington; Shawn Osborne versus Eddie Colon; Nic Nemeth & Big Rob versus Billy Kidman & Matt O’Neal; and Brad Allen versus Robert Anthony. Val Venis will be Heath Miller’s guest on “Handsome Heath’s Happy Hour."


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