Monday, July 14, 2008

Jerry Lynn is Coming to MAW for "Unknown Road" on Sunday, July 27th, at The New Daisy Theater in Memphis, TN

KC Gold stated someone would be coming in to tag with Johnny Morton against the new team of Derrick King and Reno Diamond. KC Gold stated it would be someone affiliated with TNA, but never said current or former...we now know it is former TNA, WWE, and ECW Superstar Jerry Lynn making his way into MAW!

We have also learned the new MAW Tag Team Champions Austin Lane and Scott Fury will make their first defense as champions against an unannounced team and the MAW Southern Championship will be defended as Chris Lexx, the reigning champion, will face Precious in a one on one match.

Hardcore Challenge II
Armageddon Vs Big Country has been signed for "Unknown Road". Can we finally see who is the best big man in MAW?

MAW Presents...
"Unknown Road"
LIVE from the New Daisy Theater!
Belltime: 5:30pm | TIX: $8


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