Sunday, March 29, 2009

USWO/ATL Results from 3/28 in Nashville

46 braved the stormy weather to attend tonight. The evening begins with prayer for Gordon, Krull, and Cody Weatherby. Mark Owen and Boogie are OUR USWO/ATL officials for the evening.

Harold Knight beat Convict in 6:00 with a sunset flip over the rope.

Chris Norte beat Anthony Wayne in 8:00 by pulling AW on through during a rollup and grabbing the ropes. Post-match AW recaps a rather long history with CN and asks for one match to end all of this.

LT Falk gives Dominator the Falk Flatliner to pin him in 9:00. Post-match Rage sneaks up behind D and spooks him! Tony then reveals that D wronged Rage a couple of years ago in Alabama and hints that D may face his wrath soon!

Peekaboo successfully defends his USWO/ATL Dance-Off Championship versus Billy Woodard Jr.

Steven Green (w/P-Daddy) beat Kevin James in 11:00 with a backslide. KJ then initiates a "sore loser attack" that is stopped by Knight and TJ Weatherby. TJ challenges KJ for a match next week.

Hammerjack b Psycho Medic and Kevin Dunn in a 3-way number 1 contender match for the USWO Championship when he pinned KD with a slop drop in 11:00 after booting PM out to the floor.

Derrick Neal beat Damien Payne in 12:00 with a fishermans neckbreaker.
DP has a haircut, looks like Floyd did a good job on it, lol. Lots of prematch talking with LT Falk coming out and implying that he and Drew Haskins will add the USWO Tag Team Championship to their SAW Tag Team Championship they already have. DP then says DN had beaten him twice but cheated and wants a shot at DN's USWO Championship if he wins.

Credit: WWRD @ Mid-Southern Wrestling Message Board

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