Tuesday, January 20, 2009

SWF Card for 1-23 in Tullahoma, TN

Ladies and Gents we have an exciting card for this Friday night at SWF 106 Southside Drive Tullahoma, Tn

We will start off with a match between Dangerous Doug Harrison and Priceless Petey St.Croix, Who took a slap in the face with last weeks roast.

Next, the Backwoods Brawler Mark will take on Punisher. Lets see if Punisher still has what it takes to get the job done, he has been gone for a few weeks.

Then, The Sexiest Man alive Mr.Entertainment Yukon Jack will take on Mr.ER Eric Robertson.

We will also be having a match between All Business Scot Burt and Former WWE Superstar Pat Tanaka!!!

For the main event Tag-team Champions Martial Law will take on Superstar Mikey Dunn and Priceless Petey St.Croix with the titles on the line.

And don't forget March the 13th the Fabulous Jackie Fargo will be in Tullahoma at SWF so get your tickets early before they are all gone.

Prices for this show will be $10.00 so reserve yours now cause it would be a shame to miss this wrestling icon. However, if you can't make it on the 13th he will also be appearing on the 14th at ASW in Lewisburg, Tn.

Remember doors open at 6pm bell time at 8! Come early stay late.

Credit: yukon jack @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

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