Monday, December 29, 2008

SWF 1-2-09 in Tullahoma, TN

Friday night January 2,2009
Break in the new year at SWF
At 106 Southside Drive
Tullahoma, Tn.
Admission adults 7.00 children 12 and under 5$

First match of the evening will be a four corners "Road for the Gold" it will consist of Superman Johnny Blaze vs. Mr. Unpridictable Shane Rhodes vs. Backwoods Brawler Mark and The Tullahoma Bad Man Grease Lightning.

Then for more wrestling action we will have Mr. ER Eric Robertson take on Superstar Mikey Dunn!

Then if no one has heard there is no more Original KID he has gone and legally changed his name to Petey St.Croix. He not only changed his name he has turned his back on his father Big Papa Paul and dropped the Arp name. He is making his debut at SWF by taking on the fans favorite Steve O.

As if that wasn't enough we will have a Lumberjack match between the King of Kingsport and the Living Legend Gypsy Joe!

For some tag team action we will have Martial Law Jp Cage Jones and Chaos Max Carnage take on All Business Scot Burt and New Comer Wayne Adkins.

And for the main event Mr. Entertainment Yukon Jack will take on Dangerous Doug Harrison in a dog collar match.

And for you fans that think if you have what it takes sign up for our NON PRO BATTLE ROYAL. Cost for that will be 10 dollars so, come on in sign the dotted line pay your due and get ready. Winner for this will receive 50 dollars cash!!!

On another note Lewisburg will be running New Year's Eve we will be having lots of wrestling action followed by a live band and dancing.
That will take place at 2224 Moresville Highway in Lewisburg, Tn.
Admission will be $7 for adults for the wrestling $5 for the dance or $10 for both.

So come and see such wrestlers as Superstar Mikey Dunn, Martial Law, Yukon Jack, Eric Robertson, Petey St.Croix, and many more!

Then January 3 Lewisburg we will have the Living Legend Gypsy take on Scot Burt.

Martial Law will be taking on Superman Johnny Blaze and Snake Jones!!

Mr.Entertainment Yukon Jack vs. Steve O. Wonder how that match will go down.

Then Priceless Petey St.Croix will take on Mr. ER Eric Robertson

And for the main event Return Grudge Match between Superstar Mikey Dunn and The Tullahoma Bad Man Grease Lightning!


Credit: Yukon Jack @ Mid-Southern Wrestling Message Board

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